Thursday, July 23, 2009


I’ve just been looking at some of the digital cameras on the market and realized how easy it would be to use one to supplement my income! I’m already well versed in the classifieds posting service and so would be able to use this to market my photography business. Of course it helps that I seem to have some natural ability in the photography field and can manage to center images without cropping off heads or leaving some group members “bleeding” over the edges!

Looking for the classifieds posting service ads in my local paper however I realize that it’s not enough to just promote “photography”. It seems everyone has caught onto this a long time before I have. But having checked through a few back copies of these classified posting service columns I’ve found that there’s a gap in the market – and I can fill it! Animal portraits! Dogs especially are very much “in” at the moment, especially those little purse size dogs, and their owners are willing to spend hundreds of dollars buying them great outfits – well what better way to showcase their beloved four legged friend complete with designer ensemble than in a pet portrait? Even the copywriting for the classifieds posting service ad will almost write itself because this is such a hot market!

I’ve always had a great connection with dogs and cats, and I’m sure that this kind of venture would be a success. Once I get a decent camera with lots of megapixels, plus some props and stuff to use make the portrait look more professional, the only thing I’m going to need is somewhere to use as a studio. Then I can get my ad ready to go in the local classifieds posting service. The question is where would be best? I’m going to need somewhere that’s climate controlled so that it’s comfortable to work in, and then it needs to be somewhere near to the ground floor and preferably situated near to some kind of doggy “bathroom” area such as a park or field. Possibly having a litter tray available for cats that have stage nerves might be an idea too! If the idea takes off, and there’s reason why it shouldn’t – there’s an abundance of over-indulged pooches in this area, never mind the cosseted cats, then perhaps I could rent somewhere more suitable but for now I might have to make do with using my garden shed.Some paint, soft furnishing and of course good lighting should make it a good studio at least to begin with.

So the first thing I need to do is search around the classified ads looking for a decent camera. I probably should check out some local classes to learn how to use a good digital graphics software package and then I’ll be able to manipulate the photographs I take and might be able to up-sell one portrait into maybe images that could be used for greeting cards etc. Unlike many of my money making ideas, the more I think about this one, the better it seems! Apart from funding the camera, the only real problem seems to be which of the many selling points I should use to start the ad for the classified posting service?