Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Marriage is a lifelong commitment, or should be anyway. Today, many people get married and then end up in divorce. Living with another person can be difficult but if you are committed to making it work you can get through just about anything. However, it takes two people willing to communicate for a marriage to work. More time needs to be spent communicating before marriage even enters the picture.

Marriage is more than the wedding where the couple gets to say their vows. That should only be the first step in a long and loving marriage. It is important to talk about the common problems in marriage before hand. For example talk about how household chores will be divided. Talk about how finances will be handled. Do you plan on having children? If so, will one of you stay home to care for them?

The more you understand about who your spouse is before you get married, the less conflict you will have afterwards. When you get married to someone you have to be willing to accept them for their strengths and their weaknesses. However, you can also help them to overcome any problems they may have. Marriage often gives people the strength to do things they weren’t able to do on their own.

There are many wonderful things about being married – if you are married to the right person. It should be someone that allows you to be yourself. Someone that you feel great around even when you have had a terrible day. Offering support and being supported is important in a marriage. Even though you are a couple now, that doesn’t mean you stop being individuals. Explore new things together, but also have time for yourself and your own interests.

Take time for your marriage rather than taking it for granted. Rather than focusing on the things that your spouse doesn’t do, focus on what they do accomplish. Thank them when they help you with something and always let them know they are appreciated. If something is troubling you, talk to your spouse about it. The two of you can work though things and your marriage will be stronger.

Even with a busy schedule due to work, children, and other responsibilities, take time for each other. By doing so you will keep that spark alive and it will continue to grow. Always remember the reasons why you fell in love with each other to begin with. Every marriage has some ups and downs to content with over the years. However, you want to feel loved and that your spouse is there for you. Make sure they know you are there for them no matter what happens in your lives together.