Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Car First Aid Kit: Realizing How Important It Is!

Have you recently been to a car showrooms dreaming about having your very own new car? Well generally men likes to go to these showrooms and you would noticed that some of them are more after to a car model’s exterior designs, some are interested to its high technology features, but a family man would always be interested to know and check everything from the interior to exterior designs, to its latest features and even to what are the essential things that a car should go with.

These days, my friends who are mostly family men are surprised to find out that several new models of cars out in the market doesn’t have a Car First Aid Kit, not all of it are included in the deal by de-fault. I thought about it and realized that maybe car companies want to sell those kits separately so they could have extra sales out of it, or maybe they already disregard the importance of having these kits on every car.

Well only a few years ago I’m traveling with my friends when one of them got hurt, luckily it wasn't serious. I’ve always had a Car First Aid Kit on my car which able me to gave him some first aid ,but at that time it really made me question the quality of the kit I have and whether it would really do the job if a worst case scenario came?

After that incident it made me decide to quickly update my car first aid kit. I'm so glad I did it, now I can drive around with no worries knowing that I am armed with a car first aid kit and if worse came to worse I am prepared to give a friend, family member and myself some first aid needed even when traveling on roads.

The kit I invested in was the Survival First Aid Kit. It’s awesome!The kit is neat with sturdy little zip and some great heavy duty canvas outer, best of all once its opened it magically springs open into 3/4 full size fold away compartments, each of which have their own pockets. All supplies are neatly kept, having this kind of kit comes the ease that every once in awhile when I head off for a trip I can quickly check it out to make sure nothing is missing.

To sum everything up my point here is that most of men and women as well, maybe most of the people now are quite amazed to how fast the technology upgrades, and everyone prefer to get USB,MP3 players and other gadgets as freebies when buying a new car , well those are nice things but the question is do we really need it in our cars?

Surprisingly even the smicko car like the BMW’s and Audi’s do have a kit but it only has a few of what a basic kit should have when it would be better if it’s complete. I guess it's just a marketing priority to offer 'something' for free.

Anyway if you’re a family man, if you’re a woman with kids I’m sure you understand the importance of having a car first aid kit on your cars. But I suppose that anyone whether married or single, with kids or without kids, young or old as long as you value life and you understand what difference it can make when you’re emergency prepared then you ought to have a Car First Aid Kit . Life is precious invest on your safety and protection