Sunday, August 2, 2009

Priceless It May Seems To Me...

I was asked what is my priceless possession and it should be a thing? So I randomly check all my things and asses how much each of it worth? But I can't decide, because to me everything seems to be all in the same value regardless of the price.

I realized that what I consider as my priceless possession are just 2 piece of papers...


A letter from my Dad written 10 years ago and it says there.....

"I pray that someday you'll marry someone who can take care of you the way me and your Mom is taking care of you, I pray that may you be the kind of person God wants you to be,always filled your heart with so much love."

Not all fathers have written a letter to their daughters,we only have one father in this lifetime and once we lost them we can never have them back in this world, I don't know if I have been good enough daughter or how many times I have made him feel so proud of me, but if he ever sees me now I know he is happy to see the kind of person I am today! I miss you PAPA!


MY MARRIAGE CONTRACT, sure it was just another piece of paper but not everyone believes in marriage not everyone have the guts to enter into something like this the fact that I was able to walk down the aisle have signed the contract and have kept my vows and been true to it all these years is something I consider priceless.

Maybe it wasn't the marriage contract at all maybe it's the thought of being true to it.