Friday, August 26, 2011

Spring or Fall : Best Season to Have New Lawn or Get Sod Lawn

Would you like to sod your lawn? This is usually a challenging endeavor; because of this a lot of people had opted the seed route. This is sometimes a hit and miss choice and you might be faced seeding and reseeding depending on how you go about assembling your project. To create a good looking full lawn you should turf your yard.

To start with you need to work out how much sod you are likely to need to invest in. This could be quickly assessed simply by determining the actual size of the area you want to plant your new lawn. Sod rolls are available by the square. The majority of lawn and garden care companies will have a calculator that will assist you see how much you will need.

Should you be considering to sod the lawn yourself, make sure you do so early summer time, or mid fall months. A lot of people prefer to sod in the fall because it is much cooler. The labour factor is definitely intense in this particular the company you deal with typically drop off pallets of the sod rolls. You then need to arrange transporting them around your property. A wheel barrow or small utility trailer behind your lawn mower works well. You start of finding a good square and straight section to start the sod. You then roll the sod out; each new piece should butt up against the next. When you do the second row make sure that you place the next full strip so that the previous seam is in the middle. You should never have seems that are aligned. Get yourself a large utility knife which can be used to cut the strips to fit your end pieces.

It's actually a good idea to have yourself some solid wood pegs or dowels if your property is steep. This can avoid the turf from running back. Pegging down the border seems will also keep critters from digging under your newly put together lawn. Once the sod has begun rooting it is possible to take off the pegs.

Now that the difficult aspect ends , make sure that you supply your new lawn with plenty water. Depending on your local weather it is far better to water your new lawn 1-2 hrs each day with the initial couple of several weeks. Generally your new sod lawn will be ready to go in 2-3 weeks and will be ready for mowing and trimming. Don't forget to keep the blades on your mower on the high setting for the first two weeks. This will ensure you do not harm the roots and definitely will enable the lawn to cultivate stronger and far healthier.

Should you be looking to sod your lawn this can be a difficult task. A few would rather leave behind the labor to the experts. Most lawn and garden care professionals are use to doing this work and can be in and out in a day. This leaves you with the simple task of watering and monitoring your new lawn.

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